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MT BeJewelry Material Responsive Magento Theme (Magento)

Today, we are so proud to introduce a new magento theme from ZooExtension , which is designed especially for online shop – Magento Theme M...

Today, we are so proud to introduce a new magento theme from ZooExtension, which is designed especially for online shop – Magento Theme MT BeJewelry. Similar to former Magento Themes, MT BeJewelry also consists of many interesting features then you will find it so suitable for every kind of Online Store, such as Sport, Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes and so on. We hope you will have great experiences with this Magento theme.

Magento themes features

  • MT BeJewelry document

  • Powerful admin control panel

  • Header Style Option
    allows you to change the header style

  • Right To Left (RTL) language

  • Amazing Layer Revolution Slider Magento supported

  • One Page Checkout
    A $150 value that is free when you purchase this theme

  • Fully customisable
    Control the look of every aspect of your store. Extensive theme editor lets you control the colour style fonts etc.

  • Unlimited colours
    Change virtually every colour option in your store

  • Retina & Fully Responsive
    Responds to the screen resolution, works on all desktop and mobile devices.

  • Drop-down shopping cart in header

  • Sticky Menus
    Your viewers/customers will navigate more quickly through your site

  • Mega Menus
    A $100 value that is free when you purchase this theme

    Allow you add categories, custom static block (video, banner, links..), CMS to the navigation

  • Off Canvas Menus

  • Smart menus
    Allow you to show the categories as a drop down menus or accordion menus on the sidebar

  • Ajax Add to Cart, Compare, Wishlist
    You can add products to cart, wishlist and compare without leaving current page.

  • Drop-down shopping cart in header

  • Ajax shop by price slider
    You can now adjust price range with a fancy slider without refreshing a page

  • Ajax Paging & Toolbar

  • Promotion & Newsletter Popup
    A $80 value that is free when you purchase this theme

  • Previous & Next functionality for the product view page
    Now you can navigate to next and previous products without going back to listing page.

  • Quick View
    Allows you to view product details without leaving current page

  • Slider for Up-sell Products and Related Products blocks.

    Now you can show as much related and up-sell products as you want.

  • Alternative images
    show alternative product images on mouse hover

  • Product zoom
    Allow your customers to take a closer look at the product

  • Product thumbnail Slider
    Allow you slide all images of the product

  • Best Seller Product

  • Product label
    “New” and “Sale” on product page, in categories and on other product listings (editable from admin panel).

  • Powerful Product Widget
    A $200 value that is free when you purchase this theme

  • Parallax Effect
    Choose to set a background image, add text & additional images

  • Google fonts
    Choose from over 650 google web fonts

  • Back to top button

  • Background patterns and color chooser
    Easy to change or upload your background images, you can set unlimited for your store

  • Tabs/accordion
    Tabs smoothly turns into accordion on narrow screens

  • Grid / List view
    Allow to display your items in either list or grid view

  • “Additional Information” tab for individual product attributes
    Create and display custom product attributes

  • Brand logo on product page.
    Logo can be a link to any page (to category with products from that brand, to search results or to any custom CMS page). Alternatively brand names can be displayed instead of logo images

  • Customizable image size on product page.
    Specify any size you like, images don’t have to be square – you can keep the aspect ratio

  • Lazy loading
    If enabled for product sliders, images outside of viewport will not be loaded (to improve performance) before user scrolls to them

  • Font Awesome icons fully integrated

  • One-click import
    Import CMS blocks and pages with sample content from the demo

  • Delivered with source Adobe .PSD files

  • Well-comment CSS and PHP code files

  • Cross Browser Support
    Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, IE 8+ , Opera 9+

Create custom sub-themes

Unlike many other themes, MT BeJewelry lets you create your custom sub-themes (theme variants). You can create season-specific designs to change the look of your store for fashion, computer, sport, estate, beauty, cosmetic, kids, wedding etc.

That’s very useful and very easy because MT BeJewelry is independent from Magento’s “default” theme – it’s a separate design package (not a variant of Magento’s “default” theme). The most important advantages:

  • custom sub-themes are upgrade-proof

  • ess code to maintain

  • selected functionality can be shared between many themes

Starting point for custom project

Orion can serve as a great foundation to implement individual designs for your clients.

No Magento core files were modified

All layout modifications are stored in local.xml so all of the original layout files are kept intact.


Compatible with Magento: 1.9, 1.8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x

Change Logs

------------ 1.0.0 Release Jan 09, 2015 ------------
! Initial Release

License Note

The MT Revolution Slider extension does NOT include the Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin. So you need to purchase Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin in order to use jQuery plugin.

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MT BeJewelry Material Responsive Magento Theme (Magento)
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